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Signs & Symptoms

Uncontrollable Rapid eye movement

Sensitivity to light


Difficulty seeing in the dark.

Poor Vision

Need to turn/tilt head to see clearer

Feeling that the world is shaking.

Treatment Options

There is no cure for nystagmus but the following treatments can be applied to reduce discomfort & allow clearer vision:

Prism Lenses


Nystagmus Causes

The brain controls eye movement. Your eyes move automatically to adjust when you move your head slightly. This stabilizes the image that you are looking at so you see a sharper image. In people with nystagmus, the areas of the brain that control eye movements do not work properly.

In some cases, it is not clear why someone has nystagmus. In other cases, nystagmus may be related to other eye problems.

Nystagmus can be related to the following:

  • Having a family history of nystagmus

  • Albinism (lack of color, or pigmentation, in the skin)

  • A wide range of eye problems in infants/children, including cataractsstrabismus and focusing problems

  • Inner ear problems, such as Meniere’s disease

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Stroke (a common cause of acquired nystagmus in older people)

  • Head injury (a common cause of acquired nystagmus in younger people)

  • Use of certain medications, such as lithium or anti-seizure medications

  • Alcohol or drug use

Quoted from American academy of Opthalmology

Drop by our store at your convenient time or secure a slot here.

Complimentary Eye Check

Each 15-30-minute eye check includes the following assessments:

  • Assessment of all previous eyeglasses to determine the cause of discomfort.

  • Refraction (distance, intermediate, reading)

  • Strabismus check (phoria/tropia)

  • Ocular Motility Assessment

The Eyes Inc. offer the above comprehensive Eye Check for free, no charge for eye test. We find joy in helping people understand what is bothering their eyes.

No obligation to purchase

After our checks, a detailed prescription will be explained to you, which would include the following:​

  • Cause of your eye discomfort

  • Most comfortable refraction results

  • Eye misalignment (if any)

We will recommend to make a pair of spectacles only if we are confident that it will be able to resolve your eye issue(s). 


Undecided whether to make the recommended pair of glasses? No issues, just pop by when you're ready. We'll save a record of the prescription & cross reference the next time you pop by for a check again.

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