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Colour Vision Deficiency AKA Colour Blindness

Signs & Symptoms

Unable to differentiate colours


This is a sample extracted from Ishihara chart, meant as a form of quick colorblind screening. Do contact us for a remedy if you find it difficult to read the numbers within the chart.

Treatment Options

Colorblind Medical Filters  (Depends on severity of condition)

Demonstration of a colorblind filter.

For a feel of the exact effect of filter, book a slot, drop by & try it out for yourself.

"Color vision deficiency is the inability to distinguish certain shades of color. The term "color blindness" is also used to describe this visual condition, but very few people are completely color blind.

Most people with color vision deficiency can see colors. The most common form of color deficiency is red-green. This does not mean that people with this deficiency cannot see these colors altogether, they simply have a harder time differentiating between them, which can depend on the darkness or lightness of the colors."

Quoted from American Optometric Association

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