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Condition Checker

Take this 1 minute quiz to get an idea of what your eyes could be having.


This Eye Condition checker is generated to give users a rough idea for the cause of your eye discomfort and does not constitute a confirmed diagnosis.

If you've injured your eyes recently or have eye/body conditions, including but not limited to Glaucoma, Retinal detachment, AMD, Cataract, Diabetes, Hypertension. It is recommended to visit an ophthalmologist to manage your eyes.

List of all Possible Diagnosis



Astigmatism is when there's an imperfection in the curvature of the eyeball that can cause blurry vision when looking into the distance. This is a common condition and is generally easy to treat.


It is generally caused by a cornea or lens inside your eyes having uneven curves. Instead of curving like a sphere, the surface tends to be oval-shaped. This can make your vision seem blurry no matter what the distance. It tends to manifest at birth and can also occur with near and far-sightedness.

Convergence Insufficiency

Convergence insufficiency occurs when your eyes are unable to work together to focus on nearby objects anymore. 


It is usually found in children and often significantly reduces attention span and makes it difficult for them to read. Children with this condition are often mistakenly diagnosed with learning difficulties instead. 


Treating this condition with "push-up" training is extremely effective. For instant relief, prism lenses are often prescribed. 



A phoria is when your eyes are misaligned, resulting in inconsistencies in what each eye is perceiving. This is usually present when someone is fatigued, especially when working at a close distance for long hours.

It is best to rest as often as possible for this condition to be fixed. Properly fitted spectacles with prism lenses can help reduce symptoms as well.



Hyperopia is a vision condition that is recurrent in the population, with objects far away appearing clearly and whatever is nearby seeming blurred. Depending on how bad your condition is, it can affect your focus quite drastically. 


This condition can be treated with a pair of spectacles or contact lenses. 



Myopia is when objects closer to you appear clearer while things that are far away seem blurred. It is a prevalent condition where your eyes have taken on an altered shape that causes light rays to bend even more. The images will then focus, not on your retina as it was meant to, but in front of it.


This condition can occur slowly or immediately. It deteriorates rapidly when you're younger and is usually hereditary.



When you begin to lose the ability to focus on objects closer to you during the evening hours or after a long day of work, you may have pre-presbyopia. It is a natural consequence of getting older, often cropping up more in your late 30s. 


You can get a general eye check-up in Singapore to confirm this and fix it with spectacles that reduces fatigue. 



A tropia is a misalignment of the eyes that is always present. Even when the eyes are both open and trying to work together, large misalignments are obvious.



Anisometropia is when the difference between the refractive power of each eye is more than 2.00D, which can lead to uneven focus. Your eyes will perceive a single image with two separate image sizes, the myopic eye seeing something smaller. 


This condition can be treated with either iseikonic glasses or contact lenses.

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