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Double Vision (Tropia / Diplopia/ Squint) occurs when the eyes are consistently misaligned. People with this condition experience double vision when both eyes are open but is not able to work together because of large angle misalignments. A professional can easily diagnose double vision via a cover/uncover eye test.

Signs & Symptoms

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you could be having Tropia / Diplopia:

Double vision when looking far and/or near with both eyes

Being able to see clearly only when using one eye

Shadowy images at distance with both eyes

Double Vision Eyeglasses Singapore

About Double Vision

Double Vision is also commonly known as Squint, Tropia or Strabismus.


Double vision (or a tropia) refers to a condition whereby the misalignment of the eyes is ever-present. It is where your eyes are positioned to rest when the fusion is broken by the frequent alternate covering of each eye. This means that despite both eyes being uncovered, open, and trying to work in unison, large misalignments will always occur.

Specific terms for the different direction of deviation:

Exotropia (Eye turns outwards)

Esotropia (Eye turns inwards)

Hypertropia (Eye turns upwards)

Hypotropia (Eye turns downwards)

Cyclotropia (Eye rotates)

The difference between Tropia and Phoria


The conditions of strained eyes and double vision have many similarities, but there are some key differences to note as well.


Phoria (strained eyes) is generally manageable. As long as both eyes can work in unison to achieve a binocular vision, you don't have to be too worried about it. Glasses with prism lenses and intermittent rest for your eyes should help fix the situation.


Tropia (double vision), however, should not go untreated as misaligned eyes won't get corrected on their own. If left untreated, the condition could pose a danger to your wellbeing as you wouldn’t be able to tell which one of the 2 identical objects you see is the actual object.

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Treatment Options

If you are already experiencing these symptoms, drop by our Ang Mo Kio outlet to have a more detailed check. 


We customize up to 28 Ground-in prism lenses for you to see single clearly again .

Complimentary Eye Check

Each 15-30-minute eye check includes the following assessments:

  • Assessment of all previous eyeglasses to determine the cause of discomfort.

  • Refraction (distance, intermediate, reading)

  • Strabismus check (phoria/tropia)

  • Ocular Motility Assessment

The Eyes Inc offers the above comprehensive Eye Check for free, no charge for eye test. We find joy in helping people understand what is bothering their eyes.

No obligation to purchase

After our checks, a detailed prescription will be explained to you, which would include the following:​

  • Cause of your eye discomfort.

  • Most comfortable refraction results.

  • Eye misalignment (if any) & ways to resolve it.

We will recommend to make a pair of spectacles only if we are confident that it will be able to resolve your eye issue(s). 


Undecided whether to make the recommended pair of glasses? No issues, just pop by when you're ready. We'll keep a record of the prescription & cross reference the next time you pop by for a check again.

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