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Progressive lenses

Common questions/queries we get from clients

Which brand is better? X, Y or Z?

I want the best progressive lenses in Singapore.

Are there any Progressive lenses with no distortion?

Why I can't see the desktop computer with my progressive lenses?

The answers to these questions are found in this quick 1 min read.

A pair of progressive lenses have multiple prescription zones, conveniently called the distance, intermediate & reading zone.

There's currently 7 types of progressives lenses in the market.

(Basic, Wide Angle, Office, Indoor-hybrid, Customized Laptop/Desktop, Post-Cataract Progressive lenses)

All progressive lenses comes with distortions, but there are newer lenses (Wide Angle Progressives) with more advance technology to "push" these distortion to areas less noticeable, increasing comfort to the person using it.

progressive lenses comparison 2.png

As your presbyopia/"老花" crosses the +1.75/+2.00Ds mark, progressive lenses tend to have very limited intermediate zone. Hence, desktop computer/laptop (Intermediate viewing) would prove to be a challenge, even with the Widest Angle Progressive.

To better cater to clients whose daily activities revolves around a lot of near work, a pair of Office or Customized Indoor Progressive lenses would be preferred to maximize comfort & reduce neck strain.

prog vs office (1).png

With technological advances, new progressive customization is available in the market almost every year. Indoor-hybrid, Customized Laptop/desktopPost-Cataract Progressive lenses

Indoor-hybrid progressive lenses provides superior intermediate viewing & reading zone while leaving you with the option to occasionally view distance through the top portion of the lenses.

3 progressive type comparison (new)_edited.jpg

Post-Cataract Progressive lenses are for clients who have done their Cataract surgery but have issues adapting to the regular kind of progressive lenses. Customized progressive lenses can provide the following benefits to increase their level of comfort:

Lower peripheral distortion

Smoother progression of reading addition

Negligible wavy motion when walking around

In our point of view, there is no one single Best brand/design that is suitable for everyone. The best pair for another person might not the best suited for your eyes. Everyone's eyes, habits & lifestyle are different, hence the pair of progressive lenses you use should be customized to your eyes & not choosing a certain brand & design then try to get used to it.

At The Eyes Inc, we don't just blindly recommend lenses based on "which lenses is more branded" or "The most expensive lenses".

Our recommendations have been & will always be revolving around what suits your eyes best based on your prescription, lifestyle & work habit. Coupled with our expertise in extraocular muscle checks (to make sure both eyes are working in unison), clear comfortable vision using our spectacles is guaranteed.

Progressive lens design Customization is now available in Singapore for users (Add>+1.75) whose work involves alot of desktop/laptop computer use & has issues with their pair of traditional progressive lens designs.

Let us assist you in customizing a pair of progressive lenses to suit your visual demands.  Experience up to 75% more intermediate viewing area  (Laptop-distance)

See clear, comfortably again with The Eyes Inc.

Drop by our store at Ang Mo Kio or secure a slot here.

***Caution*** Our Progressive lenses can be pretty addictive.

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Progressive lens consultation

We do not charge for eye check

1. Getting to know you

Everyone's eye works differently. To understand you better, we'll start off with asking some basic questions like:

  • What do you need to do on a daily basis?

  • Your Visual task allocation

  • How do you feel with your existing pair of progressive lenses?

  • Discomfort with existing pair, if any.

The 1st and most important step! By understanding your needs & pain point, we'll then be able to better identify & recommend what is best for your eyes.

2. Data Extraction

By drawing these data from your existing pair of spectacles, we can tell what went right, or wrong:

  • Lens brand, design & index

  • Prescription

  • Fitting height

  • Prism setting

  • Bow curve

  • Lens curve

  • Lens thickness

3. Extensive Eye Check

Each 10-20 mins session includes the following assessments:

  • Refraction (distance, intermediate, reading)

  • Ocular Motility Assessment (extraocular muscle check)

  • Cataract assessment

4. Results & Recommendations

Once all checks are done, we'll brief you on your prescription, eye condition & cause of your eye discomfort (If any).


In the event you wish to proceed to make a pair, we'll then recommend a suitable standard Progressive lens design or even Customize a pair, based on your needs + requirement & not just force selling branded lenses that doesn't suit you.

Drop by our store at Ang Mo Kio or secure a slot here.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!


We won't be satisfied until we resolve your eye issues!

If you decide to go ahead and make a pair of recommended spectacles from us, rest assured that your purchase is


We'll happily give you your money back on your purchase if we can't help with or solve the issues you're facing.

*T&C applies

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