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Phoria / Eye Strain

Eye strain or Phoria is a condition that occurs when your eyes get fatigued from constant use. This condition is recurrent in populations in Singapore where people work long hours looking at near or if they spend all day looking at a computer screen or other digital devices.

Signs & Symptoms

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, it is possible that you could be experiencing Phoria:

  • Occasional Double vision at night

  • Difficulty focusing after prolonged periods of near work

  • Experiencing eye strain/Pain

  • Teary eyes

  • Headaches/migraines

  • Tends to worsen with time

Preventive Measure

If you have yet to experience the symptoms listed above, here are some proactive steps you can take to prevent eye strain further:

  • Take vision breaks (focus at an object 20ft(6m) away for 20 seconds at a time after every 20 minutes of near work) 

  • Maintain a near distance of at least 35 cm

  • Minimise exposure to handheld devices and computer games

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Treatment Options

If you are already experiencing these symptoms, treatment for eye strain in Singapore includes: 


Spectacles With Prism Lenses for immediate relief

Resting your eyes more often

Potential Complications

If left untreated for too long, the following complications may arise:


Potentially lead to Tropia 


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About Phoria 

A phoria is the misalignment of the eyes that can result in both eyes no longer being able to focus on the same object when they get fatigued. Eye strain is usually caused by too much near work and, therefore, won't be consistently present throughout the day.


Taking intermittent rest or being prescribed spectacles for eye strain with prism lenses is what is recommended to help alleviate symptoms.


This condition has specific terms for the direction of deviation:


  • Exophoria (eye turns outwards)

  • Esophoria (eye turns inwards)

  • Hyperphoria (eye turns upwards)

  • Hypophoria (eye turns downwards)

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Complimentary Eye Check

Each 15-30-minute eye check includes the following assessments:

  • Assessment of all previous eyeglasses to determine the cause of discomfort.

  • Refraction (distance, intermediate, reading)

  • Strabismus check (phoria/tropia)

  • Ocular Motility Assessment

The Eyes Inc. offer the above comprehensive Eye Check for free, no charge for eye test. We find joy in helping people understand what is bothering their eyes.

No obligation to purchase

After our checks, a detailed prescription will be explained to you, which would include the following:​

  • Cause of your eye discomfort

  • Most comfortable refraction results

  • Eye misalignment (if any)

We will recommend to make a pair of spectacles only if we are confident that it will be able to resolve your eye issue(s). 


Undecided whether to make the recommended pair of glasses? No issues, just pop by when you're ready. We'll save a record of the prescription & cross reference the next time you pop by for a check again.

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