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Welcome to The Eyes Inc

Not just another regular optical store.

We CUSTOMIZE spectacles lenses to resolve VISUAL DISCOMFORT caused by 

Progressive lensesDouble Vision & Eye strain

Visit our store @ Ang Mo Kio to ELIMINATE your Visual Discomfort for good.

Trusted Optical Store for Comfortable, Clear Vision

Out of our five senses, the sense of sight makes up 80% of one's daily sensory experience.


You should never allow yourself to compromise when it comes to eye care.


Have you ever been told that your BLURRED, DOUBLE, UNCOMFORTABLE VISION is part and parcel of your life and that you should learn to accept it? Well, it doesn't have to be that way. From basic eye examinations to providing you with carefully customized solutions to resolve any spectacle-related issues you may face, we have got you covered*.


The Eyes Inc was established on 2022 in Ang Mo Kio and is helmed by chief optometrist, Alex Neo, with more than 19 years of invaluable experience. Formally from Eye Zone optical, with his wealth of expertise and in-depth knowledge on Progressive lenses & Double Vision, his company is dedicated to providing top-quality vision solutions for every person in Singapore struggling with eye-related issues*

*Except for reduced vision caused by eye diseases.

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At The Eyes Inc, we understand the importance of comfortable and clear vision. It's why we work tirelessly to ensure that we can provide any possible optical help you'd need and more.  We specialize in troubleshooting these issues by providing our customers with individually customized spectacles that are unique to each person and specifically tailored to their needs.


Find us at our optical shop in Ang Mo Kio, where our attentive staff will be dedicated to helping you find the root of your problem and recommend glasses that are your perfect fit.

Signs You May Need Glasses
Admitting that you may need glasses might be a difficult step to take. However, if you're exhibiting any of the following symptoms, it's probably necessary:

Having issues reading 

Depending on your age, having vision issues is inevitable. These issues can make reading menus, books, emails, and even texts more difficult than they have to be. If you find yourself constantly increasing the size of the text on your phone, it may be time to reevaluate a few things.


Can't see from afar 

Do you find yourself squinting a lot when trying to look at objects at a distance but are totally fine reading the pages of a book that's right in front of you? In that case, you may well be myopic (or near-sighted), and it's probably time for you to speak to a professional.


Getting migraines or strained eyes

There are plenty of reasons you may be suffering from constant headaches, but if you feel your eyes growing tired too, glasses may be the solution to your problems. Working all day in front of a screen is common in this day and age. Specialised glasses can help ease some of the digital eye strain you're experiencing, so reach out while you still can.


If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, don't hesitate to drop by The Eyes Inc, where our qualified staff will be more than happy to help you in any way they can.

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