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The Eyes Inc is established in 2022, helmed by Alex Neo with more than 15 years experience, to provide comfortable clear vision.


We are one of the few rare optical shops in Singapore, prescribing Ophthalmic lenses to resolve Visual Discomforts caused by Double Vision, Eye Strain, Progressive Lenses, Color Vision Deficiency & Visual Dyslexia.

Company Vision 

The Eyes Inc positions ourself as a specialist in the field of resolving Visual Discomfort.


We envision 5-9 more stores within the next 15 years to achieve our vision of easy access to Comfortable, Clear Vision locally.


New stores would be helmed by Optometrist/Opticians identified  & groomed internally through our specialized training program.

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Skills Sets

New optometrist would be guided to learn/refresh the following skills.


Practical refraction

PAL data extraction

Progressive lens fit

Client communication

Ophthalmic lens selection

Lens Edging (SV/BF/Prog)

Frame Truing

Frame selection

Fit Colorblind filters

Fit Visual Dyslexia filters


Progressive lens troubleshoot

BVD detection & management

Anisometropia management

Man Management


Online Marketing

Offline Marketing

Website Management

Online Marketplace


* Optometrist identified to be potential partners for new shop would be taught the specialized skillset.

Career Progression

New Optometrist are expected to be proficient in Basic Skills by end of 2nd year.

Individuals identified to be potential partner Store owners in the 2nd year, could embark on a new phase of skill set learning to further enhance their capabilities to troubleshoot visual discomfort & operate a store with ease.

As a young & dynamic company, we strive to maximize the potential of all our staffs. Opportunities would be provided to match your ability, drive & ambition.

Remuneration Package (Pre-Reg)

Base Salary: $2,500

Personal Commission

Group Commission

6 off days/ month

9 days AL (+1/year, max 18)

14 days paid Sick Leave

Salary Estimate

Applicant Requirement

Grades doesn't really matter to us.

How well a person does in school doesn't usually translate to their ability to perform in a retail setting.

We hire individuals who are ambitious with positive attitude & thirst for practical Optometric knowledge.

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